Bath/Body Spell Oils

These Bath/Body Spell oils can be used in a varitey of ways, from putting in your ritual bath, to putting it in a spray bottle and using as a room spray, or anointing your ritual tools with, or putting a few drops on your pillow at night, you're sure to find a way to add a little more magic to your life with these oils.

Beginner's Witch Box

Montana the Maker often gets questions on where to start for beginner witches, so she thought she's curate a beginnger witch box for those people. This box comes with everything you see here: An Altar Cloth, A Book of Shadows, A Holographic Tarot Deck, A White Sage Bundle (for Air), A Black and White Candle and Candle Holders with a Moon Phase Art Accent (for Fire), A "Spirituality" Bath/Body Spell Oil (for Water), & A Couple of Crystals (for Earth): An Amethyst Cluster, A Clear Quartz Cluster, and A Piece of Raw Obsidian, and obviously the box itself, with the Triple Moon Goddess Accent Symbol.

Cookeville People & Places Tarot

Inspired by the Wonderful People and Places of Cookeville, this deck is a lovely little project done by Montana the Maker. Just featuring the Major Arcane, add this deck to your tarot readings and enjoy the mythos of Cookeville People and Places!

Crystal Chakra Pack

This crystal pack is here to help you unlock and align your chakras. Carry a specific stone for a specific chakra or lay down and place the stones in their corresponding chakra places to help align all of them. 

Day Magic Essential Oil Rollers

Every day has a corresponding focus. For Mondays, it's dream and psychic work, for Tuesdays, it's strength and courage, for Wednesday, it's wisdom and learning, etc. Use these Essential Oil Mixes to help focus on these intentions. 

Florida Water

Florida Water is very similar to the Bath/Body Spell Oils in the sense that they can be used very veristically, in a ritual bath. use as a room spray, anoint your ritual tools or crystal with, or as an offering to ancestor, this is great for ritual/root work. 

Intention Crystal Packs

Curated Crystal Packs to add a Power Punch to Spell work. 

Intention Matches

Similar to candle magic, use the corresponding color of your intention to light your candles during ritual or other root work to add a little more magic to it. 

Ritual Bath Salts

Montana the Maker swears by her Ritual Bath Salts. Taking a long, relaxing bath can help work through so much stress and blockages. Treat yourself or a loved one to a jar!

Runestone Set

One of the oldest known divination tools known to man has been the Runestones. Add this set to your divination tool arsenal. Comes with guide. 

Simple Spell Kits

These simple spell kits are a great starter for anyone willing to dip their toes into practical magic. Get yours and set your intentions for your life.

Witch's Love and Romance Bundle

Curated Spell Bundle guaranteed to put Magic into your or a loved one's love life!

Witches' Runes

Witches' Runes are a relatively new divination tool. Montana the Maker added crystals to them to give them a little more magic in readings. Get your set and add more insight to your readings. Comes with guide. 

Witch's Travel Kit/Small Starter Kit

This Witch's Travel Kit/Small Starter Kit includes a piece of Palo Santo (for Air), a set of mathes and a tea candle (for Fire), a small Sandalwood and Nag Champa Roller Ball Oil Mix (for Water), and a tumbled Clear Quartz (for Earth). Get yours and take magic with you everywhere you go.