Polymerclay & Ceramic Pieces

Candle Holders

Hold your candles in these handmade, nature inspired, polymer clay candle holders. Pictured here are unfolding leaves, a snake, a mushroom circle, and a crescent moon. 

Baba Yaga House Cone Incense Holder/Cover

Inspired by the myth of the Baba Yaga, this little cone incense cover/holder is sure to brighten up any space. 

Ghost Cone Incense or Tea Light Cover

Light up a cone incense or a tea candle and cover it with this cute little ghost!

Mushroom Cone Incense Holder/Cover

This Mushroom House has been a favorite for Montana the Maker to create. Light up a cone incense, cover with the mushroom house, and watch the smoke drift from the chimmeny!

Skull Cone Incense Holder

This puts a new spin on "Cone Head"! Light up a cone on these and watch the smoke drift from the eyes.

Pressed Plant Incense Holders

One of the true passion projects Montana the Maker has accomplished has been these Pressed Plant Incense Holders. Leaves and Flowers pressed into clay, fired, glazed, and fired again, has developed stunning pieces.