Montana the Maker is an artist in many different kinds of mediums. Always following her heart, she leads with love in all her art forms from photography to jewelry to paintings to body care products. It started with some simple Christmas gifts for friends and family, and it turned into a self-made business and product line. With magic in every product, one is bound to find something that speaks to them from her wide variety of wares and goods for sale. Any expression she seeks in any artform is seen as a window to her soul, and works with the idea to create a connection to the earth, and universe, with each person. After trying many different things, Montana the Maker still can't get enough of trying new mediums (sometimes failing, and sometimes succeeding), but still inspired by all the experiences set before her. Ask her about the next project or new idea, because she is always cooking up something fresh and different. Creativity is her true aim. Create art, then create some more. She hopes this sparks the same feeling for anyone else. Create, and create some more. Blessed Be!