Body & Self Care Products

Body Butter

Luxurious body butter made to nourish the skin. For all skin types. 

Ingredients include: Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, & Essential Oils

Bug Repellent Spray

Outdoors a lot? Want to keep ants out of the kitchen or bugs off your body when you go camping, hiking, or fishing? Try the Montana the Maker Bug Repellent Spray! Just Distilled Water, Witch-hazel, and a combination of Essential Oils like Citronella and Lemongrass known to deter bugs. 

All Natural Deodorant

Don't want to to deodorant with aluminum? Want a zero plastic/reusable container from your deodorant? Montana the Maker has a lovely, all natural deodorant for you! Ingredients include: Arrowroot powder, beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils.

Floral Soap

Montana the Maker likes to use pressed plants in many of her art and crafts. Pressed plants in soap would be a nice gift for a friend or perfect to put in a guest bathroom.

Holistic Teas 

Teas to help with many aliments. One is bound to find a recipe to fit their needs. 

Jewelweed Salve

Jewelweed has been used by a number of different Native American tribes, most notably those living in Appalachia, for thousands of years to alleviate the irritating effects of poison ivy and stinging nettle, both of which grow alongside jewelweed. 

Room Spray

This all natural room spray is here to help with odors or just help clear and lift the air with just a couple of sprays. 

Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub by Montana the Maker was one of the first all natural recipes she tried and loved how wonderful it made her skin feel! Try it for yourself today or give as a gift.


Tinctures are an alcohol based recipe cured for 30 days, in a cold, dry place. Using the power of herbs and plants, tinctures are an old witch's practical brew for all kinds of aliments. 


Another wonderful, all natural skin care product from Montana the Maker. Use along with the sugar scrub for extra tender loving care on your skin.

All Natural Toothpaste

All natural toothpaste will have your teeth thanking you! Minty, and smooth, this toothpaste is also in a nice, zero plastic container. Love your teeth, love the planet.